Biscuits a Mile High!

In late 2009, Drew Shader knew that the city of Denver needed biscuits. Big, buttery, flaky, melt in your mouth biscuits. At the same time, the gourmet food trucks garnering so much publicity on the coasts had yet to migrate to Colorado; Drew thought that Denver needed one of those too. The idea of the Biscuit Bus and subsequently The Denver Biscuit Co was born. With the help of his wife Ashleigh and Executive Chef Jonathan Larsen, they created Denver’s first gourmet food truck, The Biscuit Bus. While the Biscuit Bus was being built, Shader and his team opened The Denver Biscuit Co in the back of his existing bar, The Atomic Cowboy.

Unsure as to whether Denver was ready for this unique breakfast concept, let alone one serving out of a well established drinking place, DBC was a long shot at best. It didn’t take long before Drew and his crew realized that he had hit on something when after only a few months, weekend lines were stretching out the front door and wait times were upward of an hour. What started as a commissary kitchen for the Biscuit Bus had blossomed into Denver’s Best Breakfast, featured on multiple TV shows from Food Network and The Cooking Channel to CNN, Headline News and many more.

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